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Purposes of ITC

International Theosophy Conferences Inc. is a platform where Theosophical organizations and all other earnest students of Theosophy meet. This infers that ITC won’t typically function as another Theosophical vehicle, in spreading Theosophy itself. Instead ITC is committed to connect all Theosophists, supporting them in their common cause in the light of the purposes of ITC, which are:

  1. To maintain the principles of the Modern Theosophical Movement presented by H. P. B. as a living power in the minds and hearts of Humanity, encouraging explorations in the light of her teachings.
  2. To foster mutual meaningful intercommunication, understanding and respect among the Theosophical mainstreams, stimulating thereby continuous spiritual Unity.
  3. To be a platform, supporting and sponsoring the annual international Conference of Theosophical Organizations.
  4. To unite people in sharing the Philosophy of Theosophy, studying and further exploring Religion, Philosophy and Science from a Theosophical Perspective.

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Watch video recordings of ITC 2016 Santa Barbara

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ITC 2016

Watch the raw footage of the ITC 2016 lectures on livestream.com/blavatskyhouse

As soon as the final editing of the recordings has been done, the videos of the lectures wil be placed on this website.