Purposes of ITC

International Theosophy Conferences Inc. is a platform where Theosophical organizations and all other earnest students of Theosophy meet. This infers that ITC won’t typically function as another Theosophical vehicle, in spreading Theosophy itself. Instead ITC is committed to connect all Theosophists, supporting them in their common cause in the light of the purposes of ITC, which are:

  1. To maintain the principles of the Modern Theosophical Movement presented by H. P. B. as a living power in the minds and hearts of Humanity, encouraging explorations in the light of her teachings.
  2. To foster mutual meaningful intercommunication, understanding and respect among the Theosophical mainstreams, stimulating thereby continuous spiritual Unity.
  3. To be a platform, supporting and sponsoring the annual international Conference of Theosophical Organizations.
  4. To unite people in sharing the Philosophy of Theosophy, studying and further exploring Religion, Philosophy and Science from a Theosophical Perspective.

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ITC 2016


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During the ITC 2014 enthusiastic participants from the various Theosophical traditions, who came to Naarden in the Netherlands from the four corners of the earth, created a vibrant atmosphere by working together in the light of the theme "Theosophy, Unity and Helping the World."

This encouraging ambiance resulted in the "2014 Naarden Declaration".

Key elements of the declaration are:

"We commit ourselves through learning, training and cross-pollination to popularize and keep the teachings alive for future generations."

"Our shared and most important objective is to keep the spirit of ITC 2014 alive."

The subsequent step in the process of cross-pollination and keeping the teachings alive is to learn more from each other. How do the different traditions look at, and interpret the Theosophical teachings? What is the Theosophical stance in today's world, and how do Theosophists classify their undertakings in keeping the teachings alive for future generations?

The 2016 theme is:

Theosophy and social responsibility

Applying the Head and Heart Teachings of H. P. Blavatsky

The forthcoming Conference will certainly be as energetic and inspiring as the previous ones.
Theosophists are aware of the challenge they face, making a step or even a leap forward indeed.
In the true spirit of brotherhood they can do so through sharing, collaboration, and by having open minds.

Program ITC 2016 Santa Barbara, California

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Coming up soon.

Date and venue

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The ITC will take place from Thursday, August 11 to Sunday August 14, 2016.
The venue for the 2016 International Theosophy Conference will be:

La Casa de Maria
800 EL Bosque Road
Santa Barbara CA 93108

For a list of hotels and other accomodation options in the vicinity of Santa Barbara click here.

Transportation information

To read more information about getting to the La Casa de Maria Conference Site: click here to download the pdf.

The ITC Conference will be held at La Casa de Maria, 800 El Bosque Road, in the small town of Montecito on the southern edge of Santa Barbara. La Casa is not very accessible by bus or shuttle. Taxis are always an option for transportation from Santa Barbara to La Casa de Maria.

If you desire an ITC volunteer pickup from a transportation hub once you arrive in Santa Barbara, please fill out this two page "International Theosophy Conference Transportation Form" and email it to Carolyn Dorrance at by June 15.

Volunteers will pick up and drop off guests according to the information you list.

You should receive a confirmation via email that this transportation reservation has been received.



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To register, please fill out this registration form.

Seats are limited with a maximum of 140 participants so in order to avoid disappointment you are strongly advised to register as soon as possible.

Registration policy

For this year's ITC 40 rooms are available. Each room has three single beds, a bath and a shower. The costs per person depend on the occupation of the room (max 3). When a room is reserved for 2 or 3 persons, one person (called the prime) is required to register and pay for the other(s) as well.

Special requests

Meals are standard vegetarian. If you have dietary preferences (vegan, gluten-free or other) or special requirements for a wheelchair accessible room (2 available), please let us know by sending an email to itc2016sb@theosconf.org

Donations and (online) payments

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Please use the button below to make a donation or online payments for registration.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you can use the following information:
International Theosophy Conferences, Inc.

Bank address
Capital One Bank
6225 Greenbelt Rd.,
Greenbelt, MD 20770

Bank account number #1360534223

Swift Code: HIBKUS44
Routing number #065000090

For USA residents checks can be made out to:

International Theosophy Conferences Inc,
c/o D. Grossman
211 E.7th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11218