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Purposes of ITC

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International Theosophy Conferences Inc. is a platform where Theosophical organizations and all other earnest students of Theosophy meet. This infers that ITC won’t typically function as another Theosophical vehicle, in spreading Theosophy itself. Instead ITC is committed to connect all Theosophists, supporting them in their common cause in the light of the purposes of ITC, which are:

  1. To maintain the principles of the Modern Theosophical Movement presented by H. P. B. as a living power in the minds and hearts of Humanity, encouraging explorations in the light of her teachings.
  2. To foster mutual meaningful intercommunication, understanding and respect among the Theosophical mainstreams, stimulating thereby continuous spiritual Unity.
  3. To be a platform, supporting and sponsoring the annual international Conference of Theosophical Organizations.
  4. To unite people in sharing the Philosophy of Theosophy, studying and further exploring Religion, Philosophy and Science from a Theosophical Perspective.

Board of Directors

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ITC is governed by a Board of Directors with a maximum membership of thirteen (13) and a minimum of five (5).

The Board meets monthly via internet. The August meeting is a one-day retreat usually held prior to the annual conference.

Terms for all board members are three (3) years in length and members are eligible to serve multiple consecutive terms.

The Officers are in charge of carrying out and supervising the decisions of the Board of Directors and maintaining the organization's compliance with regulatory guidelines. The President is also the chief spokesman of the organization, the vice-President acts as President in his absence, the Treasurer manages the finances, maintains the organization's book and supplies a complete financial report for each Board Meeting. The Secretary takes meeting minutes and maintains the membership book.

Officers are appointed by the Board of Directors for a period of three years.

ITC's current officers and directors are:


President - Eugene Jennings

Vice-President - Herman C. Vermeulen

Vice-President - Jan Kind

Treasurer - David Grossman

Secretary - Bianca Peeters


Erwin Bomas

Jonathan Colbert

Marijn Gijsbers

April Hejka-Ekins

Jon Knebel

Jos Peeters

Sieglinde Plocki

Philip (Flip) Wiskie

Board of Directors Election

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Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the members of ITC at the Annual Membership Meeting.

The terms for board members are staggered which means that each year approximately one-third of the positions are vacant or up for re-election.

Nomination Process

Members are encouraged to nominate themselves, or another member for a board position.

Eligible for election are members who have held membership for at least one (1) year.

The deadline for nominations is at least 60 days prior to the membership meeting.

Process following Nomination

Following receipt of a nomination for a director position the Nominating Committee will verify eligibility of the nominee. The Chair of the Nominating Committee will contact the nominee to discuss in detail the expectations of being an ITC Board Member, the time required, and the specific responsibilities of the position as a director. Once confirmation of their intention to run in the election and willingness to serve is established, the nominee is then considered "official".

Once official, the nominee is listed on the ITC website with a biography and photo as a nominee for the next elections.

The membership will have the opportunity to learn about the nominees by viewing their bios and Q & A in the Spring issue of the ITC Newsletter.

Expectations of Board Nominees

Board members are asked to:

  • attend at least eight board meetings each year plus the board retreat
  • attend the ITC annual conference
  • serve on at least one committee
  • serve as ITC’s advocate among theosophical organizations and the public at large

Voting & Election Process

Voting for Directors takes place in person or by e-mail ballot during the Annual Membership Meeting usually held in August after the International Conference.

If you have any questions about the nomination and election process, please contact Bianca Peeters (Secretary) at or any other officers of the organization.

Join ITC

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Any person who is a student of a theosophical organization, study group or a non-affiliated theosophist and who is dedicated to the purposes of ITC is eligible for membership.

Join now by downloading the application form, and then mail, fax, or scan it to Bianca Peeters our Secretary. Her email address is You can also use postal mail: Bianca Peeters, Hulshorststraat 147, 2573ED Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Membership will commence on approval by the board three months as from the date of receipt of a fully completed Application Form and upon timely payment of such dues and fees as the board may fix from time to time.

Should you have additional questions about membership then please contact Bianca Peeters (Secretary) at or any other officers of the organization.


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You can download our current Bylaws here.

The Naarden Declaration

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During the ITC 2014 conference in Naarden, all who were present worked together towards "The International Theosophy Conferences 2014, Naarden Declaration." Making use of the input of all participants a number of representatives from various Theosophical traditions compiled the draft declaration. On Monday, August 18 2014, the last day of the conference, the result was presented to the assembly and it was received with much enthusiasm and constructive feedback.

After the closing of the conference the draft declaration was also published on the ITC website, so participants had the opportunity to give it further consideration and send complementary suggestions. The ITC Board integrated all reactions, but also tried to maintain the spirit of the declaration as it was presented during the conference, leading to the final version below.

Considering that International Theosophy Conferences Inc. is a platform where Theosophical organizations and Theosophists meet, stimulating each other to spread Theosophy in the world, this declaration is meant as a joint statement, reminding us of our brotherly cooperation during the ITC 2014 Conference in Naarden. It expresses our shared vision for the future and summarizes our commitment and the way we would like to work together towards that future.

The declaration is neither meant as a mandate, nor as a dogma.

The International Theosophy Conferences 2014, Naarden Declaration

Having respect for the diversity and freedom of the various Theosophical streams, we will endeavor to act as a Beacon of Light for bringing Theosophy in accordance with* the teachings of H. P. Blavatsky and her Masters to the world. In an undogmatic manner and through harmonious cooperation we will strengthen the Theosophical Movement for the benefit of humanity.

In the spirit of unity and brotherhood, we endeavour to make Theosophy a living power in the world.

We commit ourselves through learning, training and cross-pollination to popularize and keep the teachings alive for future generations.

*IN ACCORDANCE WITH: in harmony with – in conformity with – consistent with

The ITC board realizes that it is virtually impossible to state in words, that what actually took place during this historic and successful conference. Our shared and most important objective is to keep the spirit of ITC 2014 alive.


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