ITC Newsletter Summer 2016

Final program ITC 2016

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The final program of ITC 2016 is online!

This years ITC is titled:

Theosophy and social responsibility

Applying the Head and Heart Teachings of H. P. Blavatsky

The aim of the 2016 Conference is to explore the active connection between Theosophical teachings and social responsibility. Guided by the principles and metaphysical perspectives given in The Secret Doctrine and other writings of H.P.B. and those of her close co-workers, conference participants will discuss how fundamental ethical questions reflected in contemporary social conditions might be answered.

  • How might students of Theosophy understand and practice social responsibility?
  • What thoughts and deeds might help us reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for all that lives?
  • Do the teachings of Theosophy, in particular the messages of H.P. Blavatsky, indicate a duty to help others?

The location and program of the Conference, at La Casa de Maria, will provide an inspiring and regenerative opportunity for both formal and informal discussion in a community of Theosophical learning.

Surf to and view the day to day program, the study circles and readings.

Do not forget to subscribe for the study circles! (All registrants have received a separate email from ITC. Please check your spam box in case you have not.)

Invitation to attend the annual membership meeting in Santa Barbara

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We hope to welcome many ITC members at the Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday August 14, 2016 in Santa Barbara, directly after the 2016 ITC Annual Conference from 1.00 to 3.00 PM.

The membership meeting takes place at La Casa de Maria, 800 EL Bosque Road
Santa Barbara CA 93108, California.

The meeting offers members an opportunity to learn about the organization's activities in the past year and to discuss and debate topics that affect the direction of the organization.

Other agenda items are:

  • Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
  • Officers Reports
  • Election of directors
  • Theme and location ITC 2017
  • Should you have issues you wish to place on the agenda, please feel free to send these to
  • Deadline: Saturday August 13, 2016.

Board meetings: Accomplishments from May till July 2016

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The board met once in May and June and twice in July. Organizers on location, Carolyn Dorrance and Jonathan Colbert, were present at all meetings.

Resolved during the May 2016 meeting:

  • Discussion on how to realize cross-pollination best, leads to the conclusion that both interaction in study circles on a variety of topics as well as exchange of experiences during study circles in plenary sessions are instrumental.
  • Some concerns arise about the manageability of the number of topics in study circles. It is decided to limit the number of topics to 18, divided over three rounds of study circles.
  • Each study circle will have two leaders. This is a good opportunity for participants and members to have an active role in the proceedings. Study leaders will receive a pre-meeting instruction and written guidelines.
  • The presentations of ITC 2015, The Hague, are now available in pdf on the ITC website and a hard copy will be available at ITC 2016, Santa Barbara.

Resolved during the June 2016 meeting:

  • The organizers in Santa Barbara designed a website for the program, study circles and reading material. On the ITC website there is link that leads to this website. It will be released on July 1st.
  • Participants will be asked to sign up for study circles and prepare for them. For each study circle topic a list with reading material will be made available on the website. This material is mostly drawn from H.P.B.'s writings.
  • An additional list for further readings also consists of works by other Theosophists.
  • Decisions for structuring the study process:
    1. The Friday study circles focus on Principles of Theosophy in the light of social responsibility.
    2. The Saturday study circles focus on practical application.

Resolved during the July, 9th 2016 meeting:

  • Specifications on the preliminary program are being discussed. These include:
    - The harvest session on Saturday afternoon covers the whole ITC program: what are our insights on social responsibility?
    - The harvest session in Sunday covers the inspirational talks on practical theosophy and focuses on inspiration.
  • In the Sunday morning program presentations will present examples of practicing social responsibility in the light of Theosophical principles.
  • Closure of the conference: Reflections of the vice-presidents and president followed by a reading of the Rig Veda.

Resolved during the July, 23rd 2016 meeting:

  • The board decides on the questions that help to focus in the study circles. The questions will be posted at the conference.
  • A list of Leaders of the study circles is nearly finalized: each team of 2 persons consists of leaders with different theosophical backgrounds.
  • The Friday morning study circles on the Three Fundamentals will be chaired by one leader only.
  • The board identified the criteria for the choice of the venue for 2017. The need for a theosophical event, safety issues, and the presence of a supporting team there are important. Some suggestions are being considered. Further elaboration takes place during the board meeting on Thursday, August 11 in Santa Barbara.
  • A newsletter with the Program headlines, explanation of how to sign up for the study circles, a reminder to vote for board members, and the announcement of the membership meeting will be prepared and sent out around the first of August.